Jungle Bus Terms & Conditions

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the Jungle Bus owners will be known as the owner's and the persons hiring the Jungle Bus will be known as the Hirer's. All the following terms and conditions are subject to and will be interpreted through English law. When you make a booking to hire the Jungle Bus, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Bookings for the Jungle Bus:

The Jungle Bus can be booked by contacting the owners either through the website or by telephone. Please note that a booking becomes a contractual obligation only when it has been confirmed to you by the owners.

Payments for the Jungle Bus:

All hire charges for the Jungle Bus are agreed when you book us prior to the bus attending your event. We reserve the right to ask for either a deposit to be paid or the entire hire charge to be in advance when the booking is done. We also have to have the remaining balance of the hire charge paid to the driver when the Jungle Bus arrives onsite prior to the commencement of the party on the Jungle Bus. If full payment is not received prior to the commencement of your event on the Jungle Bus, we reserve the right to decline to provide the service and to leave the site.


All reasonable measures are taken to ensure that the Jungle Bus arrives in time to provide the agreed service for your event. We ensure that the Jungle Bus leaves our depot in good time and in good mechanical order and with sufficient fuel to reach its destination. On arrival at your event, we require you to provide access for the Jungle Bus to your event and adequate parking for the bus.

Late Attendance:

There are in very few instances, occasions where we get detained by forces outside of our control. We cannot be held responsible for unknown and unforeseen events such as traffic accidents causing road hold up's, unknown to us road works causing hold up's and other unforeseen events etc. If we are delayed in attending your event, we will always make up any time lost by staying later than the original booking stipulated until you have received the amount of time agreed in the original booking. Any refunds negotiated will only be agreed if the Jungle Bus is more than 30 minutes late for your event. Late periods do not include where we are on time at your event but the hire time cannot commence because you have not provided adequate parking space for the Jungle Bus.

Power for the Jungle Bus Mains Electric or Generator:

Some parts of the Jungle Bus need a separate power source when the bus is parked up with children on board playing on it. We therefore need you to provide a source of power for us to plug into at your address and to do this, we carry the necessary extension leads. Where we are unable to access a power source, we can by prior arrangement bring a generator for power but you must flag up that a generator is required when booking the bus. If a generator is not booked prior to the event and we attend without one, no refunds will be given. Please note that most of the Jungle Bus is still useable for play purposes without this power source.

Equipment on the Jungle Bus:

The Jungle Bus has various attractions onboard for the entertainment of children. We carry out extensive work to ensure that all the equipment is in good working order for your event. There are occasional times when some equipment may be taken out of service on the Jungle Bus. This may happen for example when equipment needs servicing, or has been damaged by users and is awaiting repair or replacement. On the very few occasional times when this may happen, we cannot offer a refund of any kind on the fee agreed with hirers.

Damage to the Jungle Bus:

The Jungle Bus is a professionally design children's entertainment centre offering modern play fun for your children. Some of the equipment on the Jungle Bus like all similar equipment must be treated with respect by those using the Jungle Bus. If there are any instances of any of the equipment on the Jungle Bus being deliberately damaged, we reserve the right to seek compensation from the parents or the legal guardians of any child or children seen causing any damage.

Food, drinks and sweets on the Jungle Bus:

Food generally cannot be consumed on the Jungle Bus. Birthday cakes may be placed only in the designated area near to the front entrance of the vehicle for the birthday song to be sung and the candles to be blown out. The cake may be cut and distributed in this area. Birthday cake cannot be taken into the play areas of the Jungle Bus. The free drinks and any drinks provided by the hirer for their children can only be consumed in the designated area near the front entrance of the bus. Drinks cannot be taken into the play area of the play bus. Sweets cannot be taken into the play area of the play bus.

Provision of free drinks:

As part of our package we offer free soft drinks to children on the bus. These soft drinks are provided when available and we endeavour to ensure that there is always a good supply of them on the Jungle Bus. There may be occasions where for logistical reasons, we are unable to offer free drinks. The owners cannot offer any refunds when free drinks are not on board and cannot be offered to children.

Children's clothing:

Children expend a lot of energy playing on the Jungle Bus and they need to wear appropriate clothing for play activity. In particular, children are not allowed to wear footwear in the play areas of the Jungle Bus and a shoe rack is provided near the entrance to the bus for their footwear.


For health and safety reasons, children need to wear socks in the play area and it is your responsibility to ensure that all the children attending your event are told that they must bring socks with them and that they must be worn on the bus.

Supervision of Children:

We provide a driver, a helper and where booked a face painter to staff the Jungle Bus at your event. Those staff will ensure the Jungle Bus is set up properly and that all the systems being used on the bus are in good order. They will observe the children and intervene if they see any unsafe behaviour taking place. They are not responsible for the discipline of the children and are not substitutes for parents of the children. There should always be one responsible adult who they can contact immediately in the event that they need to do so.

Your choice of Jungle Bus:

All our buses offer excellent play opportunities for children and they are never disappointed whatever bus attends their event. There are some different layouts between the buses though and sometimes preferences are expressed for a particular bus. Where a request is made for a particular bus, we will book that vehicle to attend your party. There may however be occasions where other pressures such as mechanical problems prevent us from sending a bus that you have indicated a preference for to your party. If this happens, we cannot offer any refund of any kind. All our buses are well equipped and very similar play buses that your children will equally enjoy whatever vehicle attends your event.

Parking tickets:

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that if you require us to attend an event in a restricted parking zone, you must obtain the necessary permits and authorisations for the bus to park in that zone. This includes restricted parking zones on the public highway and similar zones on private property. The Jungle Bus accept no responsibility whatsoever for any penalties issued for the bus being parked in a zone where we have been directed to park by the hirer for their party. Any parking enforcement notices and parking tickets issued to any of our buses under these circumstances must be paid for by the hirer.

Vehicle Breakdown:

Our buses are maintained by our staff and our maintenance contractors to a high standard both for road legal reasons and to ensure that our customers are not in any way disappointed with our service. All mechanical vehicles can though break down suddenly without notice. If on a rare occasion, we are unable to attend your event due to a sudden mechanical failure, we will notify you as soon as we are aware of any problem. We will pursue all avenues open to us to rectify mechanical problems so that we are able to attend. If it proves to be impossible to attend, we will offer you a complete refund of any monies that you have paid to us. We will also consider alternative times and dates that we can offer you when the mechanical problems with the vehicle are repaired and the vehicle is in good working order.

Adverse Weather Conditions:

Our fleet of Jungle Buses are robust safe road legal vehicles that safely operate in ordinary weather conditions usually and commonly found in the United Kingdom. However occasionally, the weather takes a turn for the worse such as snow, freezing conditions or flooding etc happening and we have to take a decision to withdraw the service, sometimes at very short or even no notice.Should we have to withdraw our service and we are unable to attend your event, we undertake, where possible, to provide you with as much notice as we are able to, to advise you that we cannot attend. We cannot however be held responsible for non-attendance at your event because of adverse weather conditions whether we are able to contact you and advise that we will not be attending or whether we are unable to contact you to give you such advice. If adverse weather conditions cause non-attendance to happen, we will make every effort that we can to re-book with you a suitable mutually convenient time and date so that you are able re-host your event.